Instant Messaging

Reap the Benefits of Instant Messaging Without the Security Risks.

As business rapidly adopt Instant Messaging (IM) technology for its real-time communication and collaboration benefits, IM viruses and spim have kept pace, encompassing the fastest growing segment of malcode development. IM’s peer-to-peer nature also makes it all too easy for users to find loopholes in corporate content policies, since these messages bypass the enterprise content management solutions.

Antigen® for Instant Messaging blocks IM viruses and malicious content in real time.

Using its powerful content-filtering capabilities, companies can close security gaps by enforcing company-wide IM usage policies. Antigen for Instant Messaging supports both Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) and IMLogic IM Manager for securing enterprise and public IM clients.

Powerful Features

  • Secures IM systems with Multiple Scan Engine Management for comprehensive, layered security
  • Utilizes “in-memory” scanning to minimize the impact on LCS servers with optimum protection and efficiency
  • Provides policy enablement tools for content-filtering capabilities on LCS and IM Manager
  • Filters content based on predefined and customizable dictionaries for inappropriate words and phrases
  • Identifies and blocks content with flexible file filtering criteria
  • Automatically detects and updates new virus signatures
  • Notifies administrators of violated policies and infected documents in real time
  • Administers infected attachments stored in the quarantine repository with Antigen® Quarantine Manager
  • Includes customizable whitelist capabilities for selective policy management