SMTP Gateways

Secure Windows Server for Optimum Messaging Productivity.

A layered defense strategy enables organizations to protect their systems and applications at multiple points throughout their infrastructure. With messaging infrastructures being the most popular targets for malcode, multi-layered protection is even more critical. For this reason, Sybari offers antivirus protection on SMTP servers – before messages even reach the mail server.

Using a Microsoft-approved method, Antigen® for SMTP Gateways scans inbound and outbound messages at the SMTP stack in real time. It provides a multi-layered approach to protecting the infrastructure from viruses at the gateway, relay, and routing servers, keeping threats out of the more vulnerable areas of the network.

Powerful Features

  • Secures messaging systems with unique Multiple Scan Engine Management for comprehensive, layered security
  • Disables threats within a message during the routing process with SMTP Stack Scanning
  • Integrates with Antigen® Worm Purge. to delete worm-generated spam and safeguard the Exchange Information Store
  • Maintains corporate policy through flexible content-filtering and file-filtering by subject line, sender, or domain
  • Automatically uploads the latest virus signatures
  • Administers infected attachments stored in the quarantine repository with Antigen® Quarantine Manager
  • Notifies administrators of virus incidents and scan events via e-mail, events logs, and SMTP pagers
  • Includes customizable multiple disclaimers for outbound messages based on sender, recipient, and domain name criteria set by administrators