VCIA Hotspot

Wireless Internet Access @ Hotels

VCIA (Voucher Controlled Internet Access) is a solution created to provide Internet access to hotel guests via a wireless connection. The VCIA system controls connections to the Internet by means of prepaid vouchers or credit card payments. Various types of vouchers are available to best suit the guest’s needs. All administration (front end and back end) is performed via a web interface so that no software needs to be installed.Give us a call and see how it can be implemented and create your establishment a new revenue stream.

Wireless Legislation

Lanlink is ICASA registered and only uses ICASA approved wireless equipment and all installations are done in accordance with FCC and ICASA guidelines.

VCIA Helpdesk

The VCIA helpdesk provides hotel staff and guests with 24 hour telephonic support 365 days a year. The helpdesk also offers on-site support when problems cannot be rectified over the phone.